Blurring After Lasik Normal?

i had mu lasik 2 weeks ago and i went to my follow up visit and my doctor said my vision is 20/20 but with sign test i had some blurring which i also have when watching tv ,using computer or reading this normal ?? and if so how long shall this last

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Blurriness after LASIK

you may have dry eyes, so need punctal plugs, or to take more individual vial preservative free tears. this is the most common cause and cure for blurry vision after LASIK

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LASIK post-op

If the blurry vision is inconsistent, it is likely due to surface dryness. When the surface of the cornea is dry, the vision can become variable. This is more likely to occur when reading or watching TV as the rate at which you blink falls during these activities. I would not be too concerned at this early stage if your surgeon says everything is doing well. Try lubricating the eye more frequently and speak to the surgeon again if this does not help.

Ilan Cohen, MD
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