Can I Get Smart Lipo at 300 Pounds?

I am 300 lbs can I get smart lipo and will it help in the trouble areas? I would like to get bra area, upper and lower stomach, inner thighs and arms.

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No you should definitely NOT get smartlipo

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I believe smartlipo works best for small areas of fat removal. even ultrasonic liposuction which is better used in those with larger amounts of fat is not appropriate for you. you need to lose a significant amount of wt either by diet and exercise or by a gastric bypass/stomach balloon etc, to be a better candidate for liposuction. please excuse the bluntness of the answer but i think if a surgeon were to do any type of liposuction on your at this wt, it would not be a good idea.

Smartlipo when 300 lbs

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Liposuction is best when someone is not terribly overweight but eats healthy and exercises regularly. If there is a bulge in one area that doesn't respond to diet and exercise then liposuction would be ideal for this candidate. Liposuction for someone 300 lbs may not help enough as the life's conditions' contributing to the overweight condition will not have improved necessarily. The weight may come right back after lipo.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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