Is Swelling on One Side of the Lip Normal After Restylane? (photo)

I had restylanee injected on both my top and bottom lip , everything looks great except my upper left lip is more pronounced than the rest of my lips .Is this normal in patients, for one part of the lip to swell more than the rest .Procedure was done less than 24 hrs ago

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Is Swelling on One Side of the Lip Normal After Restylane?

This is very common, give it 2 weeks to settle and adjust before seeing your final result Best of luck

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Is Swelling on One Side of the Lip Normal After Restylane?

Swelling is very common after having a filler injected to the lips, it usually takes a full 2 weeks for the product to settle to see your final result. Contact your medical provider if more then two weeks past and the issue hasn't resolved.

Swelling After Restylane

Temporarily, irregular swelling is normal for a few days.  Usually by 7-10 days the lips should look symmetrical.  If still uneven, follow up with your treating provider for correction or further instructions.

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Swelling after lip injections

At 24 hours usually there is a fair amount of swelling. The lips tend to swell more than other areas and you should give it more time at least a week or two to improve.  If it gets worse, it might be a good idea to check with your doctor.

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Swelling after lip enhancement

You should always expect some swelling after a lip enhancement. Sometimes bruising can occur as well.  The degree of swelling differs from patient to patient and sometimes from side to side.  Don't be alarmed by the fact that you have more swelling on one side. Icing will help bring the swelling down for the first 48 hours.  Arnica montana (an herbal supplement) may help as well).  I have found the use of cannulas helps diminish the amount of swelling that occurs.   Be sure to contact your injector to discuss your concerns.  Best Wishes!

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Swelling after lip injections

Dear Cdevaldivia,

  1. Yes, asymmetric swelling is very common after lip injections, it can be related to the side you sleep on at night, whether or not you ate some salty food, among other things
  2. It can take up to 2 weeks for all of the swelling to go away
  3. I would just give it time and then re-evaluate then

Best regards,

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Is Swelling on One Side of the Lip Normal After Restylane?

This swelling may just be a small amount of bleeding which would make the lip larger. This should resolve in a few days. Also possible is more filler in the left side-only time will tell.

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