What is non-surgical option to get a flat stomach? (photo)

I am 19 years old. I work out all the time and eat right. I am 5'4'' and about 118 pounds. My body fat is about 16%. I have a flat stomach but, I want it extra flat like a board; that way it will be easier to get abs. What are some options?

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Options for a flat abdomen.

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You exercise regularly and your weight is within normal limits.  The majority of women do not have abdomen's that are as flat as a board.  It is very natural to have a slight convexity of the lower abdomen and is cosmetically pleasing.  Your body fat is low.  I would not recommend liposuction or any other invasive or non-invasive procedure.  Sit-ups and a personal trainer may help give you increased abdominal tone and thickening of the muscle tissue.  The picture of your abdomen is beautiful with appropriate contours.  I recommend you continue healthy eating and exercise.

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Dr. Mizuguchi

Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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What is non-surgical option to get a flat stomach?

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Thank you for your question. Coolsculpting is a great procedure for thinner people with stubborn pockets of fat. You don't seem to have significant "pockets of fat". I would recommend meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate. Best wishes. 

Brian C. Reuben, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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Non-surgical Treatment For Abdomen

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CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reducing treatment with no downtime. It is great for those who are close to their ideal weight with stubborn pockets of fat remaining, yours being your lower abdomen. While it may not give you that complete "flat like a board" look, it can definitely improve the contour of your abdomen. The best thing is to schedule a consultation where you can be evaluated in person to see if you are a good candidate for treatment and the treatment details can be explained to you thoroughly.

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Non-surgical abdominal fat reduction

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Coolsculpting is the ideal non-surgical fat reduction technology.  You are the ideal candidate since you are in great shape and as long as you can "pinch an inch" you are a candidate for this procedure.  It seems that the lower abs would need the small applicator and probably only one session. It is important to find a board certified dermatologist with excellent experience in coolsculpting for the best results.

CoolSculpting could be right for you

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An assessment would have to be made by an experienced provider to determine if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting Complete. CoolSculpting Complete is an excellent non-surgical option with no downtime. An appropriate candidate would have "pinchable" subcutaneous fat that would allow a good draw on an applicator. The whole process takes an hour and patient's do extremely well with the procedure. There is a mild pulling or discomfort to begin and then after a few minutes the area is numb. A garmet for post procedure care should be provided. It is important to find a top provider of CoolSculpting in you area in order to receive a thorough assessment and properly placed treatment. Also, a vibrational plate for post procedure patients aides in the lymphatic process. 

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Non-invasive Options for a Flatter Stomach

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From your photos, it appears that you have very little excess fat in your abdomen. However, a physical examination in person would provide a much better assessment. For patients with small excess pockets of fat, as on the abdomen, CoolSculpting is an excellent option. This treatment is non-invasive, and is very effective at eliminating fat. However, creating an abdomen that is 'extra flat like a board' is challenging. Consider a consultation with a CoolSculpting provider to see if CoolSculpting is right for you.

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
Fort Lauderdale Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can you pinch an inch?

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If you can pinch an inch then you might be able to do either Liposonix or Coolsculpting, both are non-surgical body contouring options. Liposonix uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to destruct the fat, while Coolsculpting utilizes cold to destruct the fat. With Liposonix you can lose approximately 1 inch in 1 hour with 1 treatment. With Coolsculpting you can lose about 20%/30% of the fat treated. Either option is not going to yield immediate results as the body has to naturally remove the treated fat. This generally takes 8-12 weeks to be completed. Consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist to see which option is best for you.

Nissan Pilest, MD
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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Non-surgical fat reduction for stomach

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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment to reduce fat in isolated areas of the body. It can be used to treat the stomach (abdomen). You would need to be evaluated in person to determine if you would be a candidate for the treatment, but most people have enough fat on the abdomen, so they can be treated. The procedure would reduce the amount of fat in the treated area but it may not necessarily give you a board-like appearance. Your treating physician could give you more details about the procedure and an indication of results.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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