Surgery to Make Nipples Aligned?

so bascially one of my nipples points straight and the other points down. i want to fix this and have them both point straight. what kind of surgery would i need? around how much would it cost?

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Surgery to Make Nipples Aligned?

A photo to show the difference would than help make a surgical decision. Under local fee range from $1200 to $2500.

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Asymmetry of the nipples and/or breasts

Asymmetry of the nipples and breasts is not uncommon in women.  In fact, most people have asymmetry of most of their body areas; eyes, ears, hands, etc.  In your case, an elevation of the drooping nipple can be done, sometimes under local anesthesia.  Assuming that your breast gland volume is the same, that would be all you need.  Without an examination (or a  photo) it is difficult to give you any other information.  Costs will vary with the type of procedure needed and anesthesia required.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
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