What Are the Methods to Fix a Herniated Areola (Stage 2 and 3)?

the herniated areola is the remaining of tuberous breast deformity post surgical correction with inframmamary incision. constriction was released from the inside. can fixing the hernia compromize nipple sensation?

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Tubular Breasts and Puffy Nipples

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Tubular breasts frequently have two components. A tight lower half of the breast and full areolae. While the asymmetry of the breast volume and overall breast mound shape can be improved with breast augmentation and internal release of a constricted breast base, the periareolar approach is often used so that the nipple and areola shape can be addressed.

Sometimes a periareolar lift is performed to remove redundant skin and to internally support the breast tissue and prevent it from filling the areola. Like any breast procedure there is a chance for a change in sensation. Sometimes it is an increase in sensation, sometimes a decrease, but with time many will return close to normal.

More information is available on the link to my San Francisco Breast dot com site, listed below.

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Tuberous breast herniated nipple

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The nipple-areolar complex can be reduced in size.  At the same time, any herniated tissue can be released and allowed to drape over the current breast tissue or implant.  While there is a always a small risk of a change in sensation when operating in this region, it would be very unusual for you to experience permanent sensation loss of the nipple with this procedure.  Good luck, /nsn.

Fixing the nipple in a tuberous breast

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The mushroom like projection of the nipple in a tuberous breast is controlled by releasing the constricted skin around the base of the areola and spreading the nipple areola out after the tissue within the breast is released as well. Nipple sensation is not a problem with the release, though a large breast implant can cause numbness as it challenges the tissue to relax and expand to accommodate the implant.

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Herniated areola

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A herniated areola often accompanies a tuberous deformity.  I usually add a circumareola skin excison with a purse string suture to implode the herniated areola.

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