I'm Looking for a Surgeon for Stretched Ear Lobe Repair in San Diego

My grandson wants to join the Navy and he needs stretched ear lobe repair. I'm going to pay for it but I find the costs vary so from $350 to $900. His lobes are not very big and I have researched the procedure - 15 minutes and quite simple. I am searching for the best he can get for as minimal as I can afford. Is there a clinic? Does USCD Medical have a residency program for such as this? Thank you in advance for your comments. Granma M

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Earlobe repair in San Diego

Repair of earlobes that have been stretched by gauges is usually a simple procedure done under local anesthesia.  Many of those requesting this repair are doing so because they can not enlist in the military with the holes in their lobes.  The price can very quite significantly, depending on what the surgeon wants to charge and some charge as much as $1000 per side.  That is absolutely obscene!  Furthermore, at that price, they probably haven't done a lot of them.I like doing this procedure and I also understand that young men going into the military don't have a lot if money, so I actually UNDER charge for the procedure, charging about $700 total to repair both earlobes.  These are fine young men who are volunteering to serve our country and I look at it as a privilege to help them out by keeping my prices low. I've done hundreds of these repairs with great results, but shop around so you don't re tripped off!  

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San Diego Ear Lobe Repair

Some of the sources to find a qualified plastic surgeon in San Diego to repair your grandson's earlobes are found in the below links. Call and ask approximate prices.


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Ear lobe repair

I am always concerned when a surgical procedure is described as “quite simple”. If this is coming from patient it means he/she does not understand potential risks/complications possible.  if it is a statement made by a surgeon it suggests that he or she is not aware of or is downplaying potential problems that may arise from the procedure.

In my opinion, it would be wise to seek consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to avoid complications as much as possible (and the psychological, physical and financial costs  associated with the complication).

Best wishes.

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Earlobe repair

You may be best suited to go to the clinic at UCSD's plastic surgery clinic. It is often done under local and repaired in 10-15 minutes.

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UCSD residency

I would contact the UCSD school of medicine and ask for the office for the department of plastic surgery. They should be able to direct you to the residency clinic.

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Earlobe Repair in San Diego

I believe I had responded to you or your husband's email inquiry regarding ear lobe repair here in San Diego. UCSD does have a residency program that might be able to help you out. But this would likely be under some form of insurance coverage and that can get somewhat tricky in terms of authorizations for the procedure. If you are going to go thru UCSD I would recommend calling the Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Clinic first. Ask for the resident clinic if it still exists. Best of luck. Dr. Hilinski

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