Sunless Tanner for Age Spot Removal?

I have age spots. Is there a sunless tanner that will make them less noticeable? The age spots usually darken. Any suggestions?

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Sunless Tanner for Age Spots

The Alpha Beta Glow pads are a one-of-a-kind exfoliating self-tanner with the anti-aging benefits of alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants to give the face and body a natural-looking sunless glow.

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Re: Sunless Tanner For Age & Brown Spot Removal


Age spots will actually get darker with sunless tanning. The chemicals used in these formulas actually act as photosensitizers, which helps the skin to create more melanin. And this is why you will notice the age spots become darker. Cosmetic laser treatment are effective and relatively quick when it comes to getting rid of age spot. They work by breaking up the structures that contain the melanin pigment. The remains of this process are removed naturally by the body's own system. Keep in mind that lasers are just a tool. So it is important that you choose a board certified dermatologist for the best outcome.

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Sunless tanner

Unfortunately, you observe a fairly common occurence with sunless tanners. They often accentuate "age spots"- also known as seborrheic keratoses or solar lentigines ("liver spots". I cannot recommend a particular brand of sunless tanner that will not cause this effect.

Steven Hacker, MD
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