Would I Be Suitable for Dermal Filler Eye Hollow Correction?

I am a 41 yr old very active male who takes great pride in staying as young looking as possible, but in the last year unfortunately i have started to suffer some defeat from more noticeable eye hollows and bruised looking lower eyelids and veins showing and i am thinking this might be related to aging and skin thinning. I have been using retinol aka retinyl palmitate serum (not prescription strength retin-a)under my lower eyelids and entire face for a few months to increase skin thickness but it hasnt been very effective and worried it might have contributed to this thin tight look on my lower eyelids? Also notice in the photo A the lower eyelid protruding ridges or rings i have developed lately which makes my lower eyelids look too tight and out of proportion ..do you know what they are ? The other photo was me a year ago and as you can see my eyes dont look that bad..so i cant understand why my lower eyelids have deteriorated so suddenly?? Also i do alot of cardio excercise, running etc also alot of computer work and and was wondering if that would contribute to this problem? So now i am considering restylane or juverderm ultra to correct the hollows,protuding rings and uneveness and to hopefully rejuvenate the under eye area. The dr said she would use juverderm ultra instead of restylane and it got me worried as restylane seem to be more suitable for eye hollows? I would be most grateful if i could have some expert information regarding suitability. Thanks so much!

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You may be a candidate for an Injectable Filler treatment.

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I read your concerns and reviewed your photos:

You may be a candidate for an Injectable Filler procedure to correct your lower eyelid grooves. Make sure your physician is experienced in the art of filling this delicate and unforgiving area before proceeding.

Dr. Joseph

West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Filler for lower eyes

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I think your exercise routine is good for your heart but it might be accelerating the fat loss in your face that can reveal what you are seeing now. My preference for fillers in the lower eye region is Restylane, I feel it is a little firmer and I like the way it feels in that area after the injections. I do think that most but not all of the blue appearance should be better after the injections. In my patients I typically  see about 10 months of improvements with Restylane in that area.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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