How Can I Treat My Loss of Definition in the Jaw Line Without Surgery? (photo)

I am 40 years old and I noted that I have lost definition on the jaw line, I've treated myself with botox and dermal fillers been doing that for the last past 5 years but I'm noticing that I'm starting to look tired and need a little more than that now , I'm seeking advise on tho what procedures I can do to define my jaw line and add volume to my face...without having to seek the need of plastic surgery...I triedone session of laser with the ematrix but didn't note any difference on my face.

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Define your Jawline

Hi Zinnia,

I would recommend that you read about Ultherapy or Exilis skin tightening.

You look like you have a nice jawline and good volume, but may need to consider skin tightening to enhance your jawline.

If someone has a weak jawline, one may consider Radiesse injected along the jawline -as we do loose bone in addition to fat and collagen as we age, however you do not look like that would be necessary by looking at your photo as you do have a nice jaw and adding more volume will make your face to "manly" or "boxy"

If a patient has lost cheek definition and facial volume, this may also be corrected to provide structure for the lax skin, however I also do not think that this is necessary for you by looking at your photo because you do appear to have beautiful cheeks.

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Jawline jowls exiles liposuction

Looking at the one photograph ther are several options and an in person visit with a board certified plastic surgeon would be best. One option is liposuction if the fullness in the jowl area is due to fat and not your submandibular gland. This is very targeted minimal volume liposuction with small canulas and should be done by someone experienced in this technique. Also, we have had success with Exilis, a radio frequency technology of which there are multiple units, that will tighten skin and "shrink" fat. Long term studies are lacking but it appears safe, effective, with good results requiring no anesthesia or downtime. If these techniques don't do it, then It may be time for surgery such as a mini facelift, although it appears from this picture you are not at that point yet.

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