I Had Straticce Put in with Implants Will They Still Drop and Fluff

ihad old implants 220cc taken (they where under the skin) replaced with moderate profile round smooth 339cc under muscle with staticce will they still drop into pocket and look better

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Post op breast implant revision

Beautiful disaster ? I think we dated in college. Seriously it is impossible to answer ur question without pre and post op photos and detailed information on the surgery performed. How many months are u post op? Best bet is to keep following up with ur most recent Plastic surgeon and he/she can best address ur questions. Good luck

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Breasts don't drop as much after Strattice

Strattice may have been used in your case to strengthen the implant pocket and prevent the implants from moving into locations they don't belong.  This is stiffer than your own tissue and it needs to be.  Check with your surgeon but generally, the implants won't drop as much with Strattice as they would with just your own tissue.  With Strattice you would normally wnat to position the implants exactly where you want them to stay.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Strattice and breast revision

Using Strattice and other biologic implants with breast augmenation revisions is getting more popular and I perform a fair number of these per year now.  You did not indicate how many weeks post op you are nor did you post a photo which would have helped.  However, it usually takes 8-12 weeks for the strattice to soften up some.  The position of the implants often does not change much because the purpose of the strattice is to add support and re-enforce an area of weakness or thinning tissue.  You should discuss this with your PS.

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Strattice with breast implants

Strattice is used in breast augmentation revision for two reasons, the first is to control or hold the size and position of the implant as in cases of 'bottoming out'. The second is because of the potential for reduction of recurrence of a capsular contracture. Breast implants should not need to 'drop' after revision and the pocket should have been precisely planned to hold the implant centered within the breast, supported by the Strattice if needed. Seek your surgeons advice if things don't feel right.

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