10 Days Post Capsulectomy: Pain Has Returned

10 Days Ago Had a Capsulectomy, Replaced with 260cc Silicone Implants (Sub-muscular) with Strattice.  After 6 Days the Pain was managable with one vicoden every seven hours. Now on the 7th day, having taken a vicoden only 2 hours earlier, I woke up with pain in both breasts and I am back on pain medication as in the beginning.

The pain makes is difficult to sleep or rest. I find the pain to be more manageable when I am up and moving around. Is this normal to start to feel better and then get increased pain? What can I expect for healing time for a procedure like this? I am 65 years old.

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Pain after revision augmentation

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Post surgical pain at variable levels persists for weeks to months following a procedure.  In some cases, discomfort may last longer, may be positional, and may require intermittent use of analgesics for an extended period of time.  If Strattice was used in your revision, suturing this porcine acellular dermis may have involved a local intercostal mammary or cutaneous nerve, resulting in unexpected discomfort.  If a submuscular pocket was enlarged, muscular contraction and use of your arm may be painful until the area heals. 

Use analgesics as prescribed, rest until your pain resolves sufficiently to increase your activity level, and follow up closely with your surgeon.

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Pain after Breast Implant Capsulectomy.

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Very difficult to sort this out.  Pain in the healing phase is common but should subside.  Have you been too active?  Could it be an infection?   May be normal progression of healing after capsulectomy.   Best to visit your surgeon; that is part on his job.  Good luck. 

Pain After Surgery?

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Thank you for the question. Unfortunately it is not possible  to make an accurate diagnosis or to give you good advice  without examination. I would suggest continued follow with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes.

See your doctor

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Increasing pain is a worrisome sign. You need to be examined by your surgeon to be sure nothing is wrong.


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Consult with your surgeon for post-op pain

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Anytime you have a specific question regarding post-operative care, you should contact your board certified plastic surgeon's office.  There may be a number of reasons for the discomfort. It is best to contact your surgeon regarding your concerns.

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Pain ten days after surgery

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Your increase in pain may be from an increase in your activity?  If you don't think this is the case, you really should see your surgeon is you continue to feel worse rather than better. 

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D. 

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