Stop Taking Birth Control for Breast Augmentation?

Should people stop taking Birth Control if they are going to get a breast augmentation?

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At least 4-6 weeks before

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You should stop taking birth control pills and estrogen replacement therapy about four to six weeks before surgery because of the risk of blood clots. If your surgeon advised you to stop, then please listen to them.

Birth Control Pills And Breast Augmentation

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Deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary emboli can represent life threatening conditions. Both birth control pills and estrogen replacement have been associated with these conditions. For these reasons, we recommend that patients stop birth control pills two weeks prior to breast augmentation surgery.

Birth control and BA

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This is an important question. Birth control pills can increase your risk for clotting especially in the first several months. I would discuss this issue at length with your gynecologist and plastic surgeon for specific recommendations tailored to you and the procedures performed.

Breast augmentation and oral contraceptives

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A breast augmentation is a short surgical procedure with little increase in risk of VTE events. It is probably not necessary to stop these medications in the peri-operative period. However, if breast augmentation is combined with other procedures and operative times are prolonged beyond three hours, its wise to stop the OCPs.

Birth Control Pills and Breast Augmentation

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In general, I do not have patients stop oral contraceptives before doing a short operative procedure like a breast augmentation if the patient is healthy and has no risk factors like a previous blood clot or other medical problems.

However, if the patient is having other/additional  operative procedures which prolong the operative time to greater than 4 hours and/or has other risk factors, one should consider stopping the birth control pills for at least one month preop to decrease the chances for a blood clot

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Stop birth control pill before Breast Augmentation.

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There is not a clear recommendation to stop oral contraceptive medication before breast augmentation surgery. The risk of DVT ( deep venous thrombosis) in a breast augmentation patient that is young, healthy, and does not smoke is extremely low.  However, there is a very small increase in the risk of DVT in patients who take birth control pills. Therefore some surgeons may  recommend  stopping  the pill 15 to 30 days before breast augmentation in an effort to lower this small risk of DVT even further. 


Jaime Perez M.D  Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Birth control pill and breast implant augmentation surgery

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I assume there are two reasons for this concern: 1) alteration in breast size  and 2) possible risk of DVT. In general, this is not a common practive in an uncomplicated bilateral augmentation mammaplasty.

Birth control Pills and Breast Augmentation

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Even the experts don't agree on this question!  Since breast augmentation is a short procedure, and patients are rapidly up and about afterwards, I don't typically ask my patients to stop their birth control pills.  However, if you are in a high risk group for a DVT (and there are a number of known factors), then it should be definitely considered as a risk-reduction strategy.

Breast Augmentation and Birth control

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We know that patients who are on birth control have a slightly higher risk of developing blood clots in the leg veins.  This risk is significantly increased  in smokers.  When these blood clots travel to the lung it is called a pulmonary embolus and can be fatal. 

I do not routinely recommend that patients stop taking their birth control pills prior to breast augmentation.  This is typically a short procedure and patients are ambulatory immediately after surgery.  The risk of blood clots in these patients is lower than the risks that come with an unwanted pregnancy.  If other procedures are being performed, such as a tummy tuck, or there is a longer operating time, I recommend the birth control pills be discontinued before surgery, particularly if they have a smoking history.  The risk of blood clots in these patients are much higher.

Stopping birth control pills before surgery

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The issue is related to the risk of developing a blood clot in your legs (which can be due to birth control pills or can result after any surgery).

Depending on your risk factors for blood clots, you may want to consider stopping the birth control pills 1 month before surgery. Google Caprini Risk Assessment for more details and discuss with your surgeon.

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