Around All of my Stitches It is a Little Red and Raised, Why?

I had liposuction done about a week ago on my love handles and the sides of my thigh. Around all of the stitches, there are around 6 of them, it is a little red and raised as well as a little itchy. The picture I provided is of the biggest one.

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Have your doctor look at these

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Any wound-related issues should be addressed in your follow-up appointments with your surgeon. Sometimes people react to sutures or have a little infection but this is not the norm and needs to be addressed. To re-assure you without knowing the real story would be presumptuous.


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Orange Plastic Surgeon

Suture sites for Liposuction

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It is not uncommon for the incision sites for liposuction appear red.  These "conduit" sites take a little longer to heal than a typical laceration repair.  No worries, they will look great soon.   Think about this; the liposuction cannula has moved against these edges on each and every stroke of passing the liposuction cannula.  These areas probably had the cannula passing against these areas at least 100 times.

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