Antibiotics and Pain Medicine After Liposuction?

Hi. I've done wisdom teeth surgery in the past and the antibiotics/ pain medicine always make me feel sick. I feel fine as soon as I stop taking them though. So I want to know how long will I have to stay on the antibiotics/ pain medicine after my lipo surgery? I plan to have my inner/ outer thighs and hips done under local anesthetics. Also, are having these areas done under local anesthetics safe? (my surgeon says he'll take out 2-2.5 L at most) I'm 5'45 feet and weight at 133 pounds.

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Antibiotics/pain medicine after liposuction

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Antibiotics:  There are not good studies that confirm that giving patients a preventative antibiotic reduces the incidence of infection with liposuction. Getting an infection after local anesthesia liposuction that is not done in combination with other surgical procedures is very, very rare. I believe that not suturing the small incisions helps to minimize infection by not trapping the fluid inside the fat space. Some antibiotics are less likely to cause upset stomach, and your surgeon may be able to choose one that's OK for you.

Pain medicines:  Try Extra Strength Tylenol immediately after your procedure and discuss with your doctor when you can begin anti-inflammatory types of pain meds, such as ibuprofen or naprosyn. Many patients do very well with a combination of Tylenol and anti-inflammatory pain meds without needing a prescription narcotic pain medicine. If you do need the stronger pain med, it generally can be reserved for bedtime to allow for better sleep.

Discuss your prior experiences with your surgeon so s/he may customize your medications.

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Pain medicine and antibiotics after liposuction

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There really is no data to suggest antibiotics after liposuction are any value if you don't have an infection. The only antibiotics that have been shown to be effective are iv antibiotics before the surgery.

As to pain medication for after the surgery I would recommend a non steroidal anti inflammatory medication like naprosyn. It is unusual for liposuction to be very painful and this should be adequate. You may want to use some extra strength tylenol or even have available some hydrocodone available but you probably won't need it . 

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