Can I Still Have Sex if I Have a Seroma?

I will be 4 weeks post-of of a full Tummy Tuck. I have developd a seroma. Is it safe to have sex if I have a seroma?

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Sex after Seroma formation

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Yes, but gently and not in a position which would place stress upon the seroma.  I think you can use your imagination in this regard.  If you are in pain, however, I would encourage you to hold off until the seroma has abated and you can participate in sexual activity more comfortably. Speedy recovery!

Tummy Tuck - Can I Still Have Sex if I Have a Seroma?

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You should, of course, speak with your own plastic surgeon about this.

My answer would depend to a certain degree on how large the seroma is, how it's being treated and whether it's resolving, staying the same, or getting worse.  In the first case it should be okay to engage in gentle physical activities (of any type) carefully but if the condition is worsening I would advise against that.  And in that case you should consider a different form of treatment.  Many if not most seromas resolve spontaneously but if it's relatively large or not subsiding with the current treatment it may be a good idea to have it drained.  This, too, is something you will need to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Sex with Seroma

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Thank you for the question. I can't say that I've been asked this before...

Yes I think it will be “safe”  to have gentle sex (assuming "gentle" is agreed upon) despite having a seroma.  However, you may want to abstain and avoid  “strenuous activity”  that may lead to further fluid buildup (at least theoretically).

Generally, when asked similar questions in my practice, I suggest gentle sexual activity for the first 2 months  after surgery.

I hope this helps.

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