Statistics on Developing Sculptra Side Effects?

After reading so many people complain of lumps after Sculptra injections, I'm now frankly terrified of Sculptra. Are there any statistics or research related to the likelihood of developing major side effects or lumps post Sculptra? If I see or feel no lumps 4 weeks post injections, is it unlikely that lumps will develop, or is there still a good possibility later?

I'm torn because I have had one session (2 vials) with no adverse effects other than the initial prolonged unexpected bruising and swelling. I'm 40 years old, fit, healthy, off label user for fat loss due to aging (or just vanity). At the same time, I'm fearful of risking future lumps with a second session because of the unpredictability factor of when/if lumps may occur.

One session is probably wasting my initial investment/money because I don't have the full effect. However, I'd rather waste (not that I can afford to) that than incur other health problems with delayed side effects/lumps. Am I over-reacting to all the negative reviews of Sculptra or wise to avoid it? Please advise! Thanks.

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Scultpra side effects

The incidence of lumps following Sculptra can be lowered when the proper techniques are used. These are related to the dilution and the planes of injection. If your doctor is experienced and has a good track record for successful outcomes and a low complication rate you should be in good hands. The statistics are different for everyone, but in general they should be less than 5%. Also note that many of these are "lumps" that cannot be seen, but can be felt.

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