Can I Do Squats a Week After Surgery?

Can I do squats or general excersice a week after having my BA? Also how long do I have to wear the surgical bra for? And when can I wear an underwire bra My surgeon is out of town and I haven't been able to ask him any of the questions I have Thank you in advance!

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Squats after breast augmentation

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It may be a little too early to start doing squats just a week out. You should probably wait until about 3 weeks after surgery, then 6 weeks for upper body training.

Exercise After Breast Augmentation

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In general, one can resume most exercise within 3 weeks and vigorous exercise by 4 weeks. You should consult with your Plastic Surgeon before proceeding with heavy exercise.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Can I Do Squats A Week After Surgery?

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General exercise is typically ok, but restricting any lifting and reaching activities. I usually have my patients wear their surgical bra for two weeks or more, depending on their individual situation. Underwire bras can typically be worn a month or more after surgery -- again depending on your individual situation.

Thank you,

Dr. A. Michael Sadove


A. Michael Sadove, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Exercising after surgery, as well as other postoperative recommendations.

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Every doctor may have a different routine that they follow after surgery, but I always recommend that strenuous exercise should not be followed for at least 6 weeks after the surgery.  This is true for all forms of execise.  As far as wearing an underwire bra I would advise you to wait for six weeks after the surgery.


I have not varied from these recommendations, and they  have protected my patients for many years with their postoperatve recovery.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D.

Resuming physical activity after Breast Augmentation

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Typically, I advise my breast augmentation patients that they will need to take approximately 3-4 weeks off physical activity while they allow for adequate healing. After this point generally, walking and spinning are allowed. Restrictions are generally lifted after 8 weeks and the patient is allowed to then begin light weight lifting, pushups,  and running (with a supported bra).


The supportive bra generally serves a purpose so I advise patients in the consultation to be prepared to wear their bra for approximately 3 weeks. This time frame will vary depending on if the breast augmentation was done in conjuction with a mastopexy. I would recommend following up with your plastic surgeon or his office staff before switching to an underwire bra or beginning physical activity.


I hope this helps you and good luck


Fadi Chahin MD, FACS

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Diplomat, American Board of Surgery

Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Fadi Chahin, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Exercise after implants

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Every doctor has his/her own protocol for resuming activities following surgery.  You should consult your plastic surgeon for his/her answers to these questions.  In my practice, I allow my patients to resume non-strenuous activities whenever they feel up to it and more strenuous activities after three weeks.

A little too early

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I usually advise my patients to hold off on excessive physical activity for at least 3 weeks.  I would continue to wear the surgical bra until you can speak with your surgeon- you can't wear that "too long".  As for an underwire, if you have an incision under your breast I would hold off on that for at least a month to allow your incision to heal.

Exercise and breast implant surgery

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I usually have patients wait 3-4 weeks before starting aerobic activity and 6-8 weeks for vigorous exercise like weight lifting or push-ups.


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All plastic surgeons do things a little differently based on their experience.  You should address these questions to your surgeon.

Breast augmentation patients can do leg exercises one week after surgery.

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Breast augmentation patients in my practice are asked to rest the chest wall four weeks after the operation. Squats are permissible provided there is no motion of the chest wall which would jostle the implants.

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