Botox After Splenectomy

I Had a Splenectomy & Take Erythromycin, I Also Have Mild Psoriasis. Is Botox Safe for Me?

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Botox after Splenectomy and while on Erythrpmycin

There is no problem with you getting Botox post Splenectomy and while on Erythromycin.

I would be  quite  concerned about more invasive procedures such as Laser Resurfacing or a Facelift, since the absence of your spleen would make you  very susceptible to infections. Also  Laser Resurfacing would be absolutely contraindicated because of your Psoriasis.

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Botox use while on Erythromycin

Your prior history of Splenectomy, along with your current use of Erythromycin are not contraindications for the use of Botox.  Likewise, mild psoriasis should not be a problem, as the Botox is placed below the skin surface into the superficial muscles of the face.  To minimize bruising with the Botox treatments, be sure to avoid aspirin-containing products for one week prior.

Pamela B. Rosen, MD
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