How to Speed Up Fraxel Laser Recovery?

I underwent the Fraxel Laser procedure two days ago (05.18.2009). I was sent home with a tube of Aquaphor, and I have a follow up appointment in two weeks. Is there anything that I can do (e.g. supplements, topicals, etc.) to speed recovery and avoid some of the horror stories (e.g. white bumps, discolorations, pin pricks not healing)? Alternatively, is there anything I should avoid?

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Post-op wound care critical after laser resurfacing

Post-op wound care is critical to the success of fractionated laser resurfacing such as Fractional CO2 Laser, Fraxel, or ProFractional Laser. Strict daily sun protection with high SPF sunscreen, wearing hat, avoiding outdoor activities between 10am-5pm should be a lifelong commitment. Frequent application of emollient such as aquaphor, however for individuals who are acne prone, prescription strength Biafine may be preferable. Prophylactic oral antibiotics and antiviral medications should have been administered, particularly in the hands of an experienced board-certified dermatologist. Frequent but gentle face wash or shower can speed up the skin sloughing/healing process. For people who are prone to pigmentation such as those with prior history of melasma or of darker skin type, post-op application of combination of topical retinoid and/or hydroquinone cream would be critical.

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Speeding recovery after Fraxel

Most facial skin heals quickly.  Your most important approach to caring for your skin is to keep it moisturized constantly and avoid the sun.  You also need to avoid any harsh soaps, scrubs or products that irritate your skin during your recovery.  Most importantly... be patient!

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