Facial Treatment After Fraxel

How long after a Fraxel treatment can I get a facial?

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Give skin at least a month to heal since last Fraxel treatment

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Generally, a person should wait at least a month after the last Fraxel treatment before getting a facial. The type of Fraxel treatment, such as restore or repair, the settings used during the treatment, and recovery of the skin after the treatment should all be taken into consideration. Sometimes, longer than a month is needed to ensure the skin is healed. If acne breakout occurs, a dermatologist should be consulted beforehand.

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First it depends one used fraxel repair or restore. Second it depends on the energy levels and subsequent depth of penetration. In general, I would say about a month but it depends on your skin recovery. Those with sensitive skin types or darker pigmentation should wait longer before seeking a facial.

Facial procedure should be postponed at least one month after Fractionated laser resurfacing

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One should wait at least one month after fractionated laser such as Fractional CO2 laser or Fraxel laser resurfacing before facial procedures. If there is any flaking or significant redness, facial procedures should be postponed to minimize prolonging the post-laser resurfacing healing process. If there is any signficant acne breakout, which sometimes happens after laser resurfacing, one should consult a board-certified dermatologist before pursuing a facial procedure in a non-clinical setting.

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