How Is Speech Be Affected After A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Do friends and family notice a difference in speech? What percentage of patients need some speech therapy after mouth reconstruction?

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How Will my Speech Be Affected After Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Very little to none! Reading out loud will speed up the adjusment process, specially when you feel so happy and excited about your beautiful, new smile.A beautiful smile doesn’t just improve self-esteem: studies show that it can also have a strong effect on social and career success.For a full mouth reconstruction we design smiles with features that help our patients appear more youthful, healthy and attractive. Using knowledge of anatomy, function, and your aesthetic requirements, we can redesign your smile with tooth color, shape, and relative lengths which produce the smile that is you at your best. We apply leading edge technology to the enduring standard of natural beauty.Many dentists can fix teeth, and many cosmetic dentists can make cosmetic improvements to teeth, but only a select few dentists have an eye for smile design and the training and expertise to design smiles that can last a lifetime.

Fairfax Dentist

Speech Changes can occur after Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Although it does not happen every time, changes in speech (phonetics) can happen after the teeth are changed.  Whether they are your real teeth or denture teeth.  It is most commonly noticed in the top jaw or maxillary teeth where this happens and has to do with where the tongue touches.  For example, some people say letters like "S" using the tongue against the tips of the two front teeth while other peoples tongue touches the roof of their mouths just above the two front teeth to form "S" words.  The best way to work through these issues is, as has been mentioned, through the temporary stages of the reconstruction.  That way the dentist will know the best position of the teeth before ordering the final set.  In some cases, like a new denture, there is not a temporary type of phase.  Most of the time though, the phonetic issues can be resolved with speaking and reading out loud.  The tongue may need to be retrained to make sounds using the teeth differently. 

Speech changes

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When your teeth are dramatically changed in respect to length and thickness you will have some changes in speech. These should be worked out in the provisional stage of the reconstruction since the teeth will be made of a plastic that can be easily modified. Tounge position to the incisal edge can causing slurring and words like "sixty six, church, mississippii) can give you an idea about how you are going to sound. usually the learning curve depends on amount of changes and the individual patients ability to adapt. I typically have my patients practice reading the newspaper out loud to teach themsleves to adapt to the new tooth positions.

J. Willis Baker, DDS
Wichita Dentist

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