What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Mouth Reconstruction with dental Implants?

Is there a higher rate of complication with implants? Does the procedure take longer than other options?

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Dental Implants, Full Mouth reconstruction.

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Of course you can build your entire mouth with dental implants and bridges/crowns, we can even place a titanium bar to hold the bridge and make it a fix bridge, we can also think on Snap on Dentures (mini dental implants retained dentures), Mostly depends on you budget and what you want, we can give 3 or 4 options but at the end you can decide what is more comfortable for your life style. Thank you.

Complete rehabilitation with dental implants

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Reconstructing a full dentition with dental implants has been well documented for the last two and half decades.It is one of the wonders of dental implants and a life changing experience for the patient, but it is a very elaborate, intricate procedure from treatment planning point of view. it is very essential to have a restorative and surgical team that work greatly together, very experienced in the reconstruction and most importantly in the occlusion (commonly known as the bite). The latest can either  make the case or turn it into a nightmare....

find the right people and enjoy this life changing experience....

Edgard El Chaar, DDS, MS. 

Diplomateof the American Board of Periodontology  

Edgard El Chaar, DDS
New York Dentist

Dental implants now the First class way to go.

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Every case is different especially when it comes to full mouth cases. Bridgework can be done in two weeks from start to finish and they have been around for 100 years so they are the quickest. But they come with certain restrictions regarding hygiene and keeping them clean. Implants are placed surgically then the healing will take about 3 months after that. The 3 months can be challenging due to the temporary flipper that is usually needed. Its up to you and your dentist as to which choice is best for you.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental Implants

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Without first evaluating your unique situation it’s difficult to discuss your options.  How long your specific case will take depends on whether you need significant bone grafting or sinus augmentation.  In general implants are a terrific way to replace missing teeth.  It’s one of the most predictable procedures available in dentistry.  

Some of my happiest patients are the ones who had full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants.  Many have told me it changed their life. Good Luck!

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Advantages of Implants for Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Great question Daniel. The reason implants are so highly desirable for full mouth reconstruction is that implants allow us to reconstruct a mouth as near to what God gave the patient originally as we can get given current technology. Implants allow us to do so many things that allow us to reconstruct a mouth that is not only beautiful, but highly functional. 

Good luck!

Replacing missing teeth

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It sounds like you are asking about building crowns and bridges on implants in the mouth of someone who has no teeth.  In the past the only treatment available was full dentures.  They were very uncomfortable at times and could lead to embarrassing situations since keeping the dentures securely in the mouth was not always easy.

Implants mean that we can build a  "new set of teeth" that are securely fastened to the jawbone.  People can easily eat foods that require a lot of chewing such as apples, carrots, and toast.  It is really an amazing way to rebuild what is missing.

The process, and it is a process, can take time to complete.  Implants once they are placed can take 4 to 6 months to heal.  The dental resorations can take some time too.  I would recommend that the bite be built initially with provisional crowns and bridges (temporaries) to be sure that the bite is comfortable and the esthetics are very good.  This can act as a template for the lab to fabricate the final restorations.

Any time a complex treatment like this is undertaken, there is room for complications.  Be sure that you choose a dentist with training and experience working with implants, and full mouth reconstructions.  

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Dental Implants are excellent to replace an entire dentition.

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However, full mouth rehabilitation requires extremely precise teamwork between the surgeon and the restorative dentist. Both should be specialists and experts in occlusion, as the final product can be wonderful or overwhelmingly difficult, time consuming and costly if all is not cleat from the start.


Anca Bazile, DDS, MSD Periodontist, New York City

Anca Bazile, DDS
New York Dentist

Dental implants for full mouth reconstruction

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Dental implants are now the standard of care for replacement of missing teeth. It provides proper support for teeth allowing comfort in chewing, improving aesthetics, and preserving the underlying jaw bone.

You can read more about the advantages and how implants work on our website.


Dr. Kazemi

H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
Bethesda Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 7 reviews

Full Mouth Reconstruction: Pick The Best Doctor First

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If you have an option between a full mouth reconstruction with teeth or implants you should probably opt for teeth.

Implants are excellent restorations but the process of removing all your health teeth can lead to adverse changes in your brain due to brain cells in the trigeminal Nervous System dying after extractions

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