When Can Normal Foods Be Eaten After Full Mouth Reconstruction?

How soon after receiving full mouth reconstruction with crowns can solid foods such as apples be eaten without fear of pain or damaging the crown?

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You can eat right away, but with CARE

After a full mouth reconstruction the restorations are strongly attached/bonded to your teeth.  There is no problem eating right away.  You should be careful however, because the restorations have most likely been seated in your mouth while you were numb with local anesthetic.  This means that there is a good chance that your bite may need further adjustments.  Certain chewing or grinding movements could put stress on the teeth in an unfavorable way and cause the porcelain to fracture.  I would suggest waiting until the numbness passes before chewing anything hard, and then going carefully until you have a chance for your dentist to assess the balance in the bite once the anesthetic has worn off.

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How to Eat after Full Mouth Reconstruction

You will be able to eat normally the same day as your reconstruction (or the next morning). it's possible that you may even begin to chew BETTER than you have in a long time. One of the features with a full mouth dental reconstruction is that your bite will be designed to be optimal.

In the first day or two, your mouth or jaw may be tired, so start with softer foods and then work up to harder things. A reconstruction is a major dental procedure. If you had a major medical procedure lie a hip replacement, you wouldn't go out and run a 10K the next day. The same is true with your dental reconstruction and your temporaries-you need to start out easy and then work your way back to the hardest foods.

Moderation and some common sense will keep you in great shape. Thanks, Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

Eating with temporary crowns

Normal eating can be resumed as soon as the anesthesia wears off with new temporary crowns or a full mouth reconstruction. Let's define the word normal to avoid any confusion. Avoid super hard foods like ice, hard candy, carrots, hard bread. The texture of a normal hamburger is fine. Never use your temporaries, permanent crowns or natural teeth as tools - opening packages, biting fingernails. or cutting thread.

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Normal Food Eating following Full Mouth Reconstruction

Normal eating can be done immediately once the lab fabricated restorations are cemented following a Full Mouth Reconstruction with very little fear of breaking anything.  But prior to this step you will need to be careful in what you eat while in the temporary restorations for the few weeks prior to the cementation of the lab fabricated restoration such as Porcelain Veneers, crowns and Onlays/Inlays.  The temporaries are made out of acrylic which could crack or come loose if you are not careful in what you eat.  

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