Space in Between Top and Bottom Front Teeth. Hawley Retainers or Veneers? (photo)

I am 25 years old and had braces as a kid to straighten my teeth. AFter my braces were removed they put permanent retainers top and bottom. I saw an orthodontist who recommended taking my retainers off and wearing a hawley retainer for a few mouths to fix the gaps.My dentist however recomments porcelin or composite veneers. I know veneers are more expensive but I wanted an opinion as to what would be the most beneficial overall. Thanks!

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Space in Between Top and Bottom Front Teeth. Hawley Retainers or Veneers?

Thanks for providing the photo! I will start but having your dentist evaluate your frenum attachments first. This piece of tissue that is located upper and lower lips , right where the two fron teeth are (string). If it is too attached and too low, almost between your front teeth, you will have to consider soft tissue laser. This procedure is very simple and painless, after the area has healed, you can consider a Hawley retainer if you are happy with the shape and color of your teeth. My point is, that if you do not want to go with the expense for veneers and you are happy with your smile, doing the tissue laser and retainer will take care of the problem. Most of orthodontic consultation are free, go for a second opinion and ask them about the procedure and concerns explained.Good luck !

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Fixing gaps between the upper and lower front teeth- check your frenum attachment.

If  the spaces between your upper central (front) incisors and lower central incisors happened after your braces were removed, have your dentist check your frenum attachments which is a soft tissue attachment (looks like a string) from the inside of your lips to the gums. If it attaches too close to the teeth, it often causes a space to form or open between these teeth. Another consideration is the frenum attachments are normal, would be to close the space using Invisalign. It would probably be a short term (:express") treatment and can be very effective. If you are unhappy with the proportion of the size of your front teeth (i.e., front teeth too skinny), veneers woul dbe the best choice.

Gerry Curatola, DDS
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Hawley Retainers vs Veneers

If you are pleased with the shape and looks of your teeth, then go with the Hawley Retainers. If you are unhappy with the cosmetics of your front teeth, however, then go with the Porcelain Veneers.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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