My 4 Year Old Son's Crooked Smile Seems to Be Getting Worse. What Can Be Causing This?

I used to only notice it when he was smiling his smile very big. Now it is notibible to me atleast with every smile. What can be causing it to get worse? He has straight teeth with no over crowding according to his dentist and only a 7% overbite. The First picture is his big smile and the second is just his everyday smile that it is now noticible in. Kimberly

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4 year old's Crooked Smile

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Without seeing your son for a full exam/evaluation, it is impossible to fully diagnose, but it appears to be a neurological or muscular problem, rather than a dental problem. He seems to have a weak lip muscle on his lower right side. Did he recently have a numbing injection on that side of his mouth in order to do some dentistry? If so, he may still have paresthesia on that side of his lip. If not, check with a neurologist.

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