Do I Have Long Face Syndrome? Is there anything I can do about it at this stage (I'm 27) to fix it? (photo)

I am unsure but I think that I may have long face syndrome. I had rather bad crowding of the teeth when I younger but I turned down braces because I was scared that I would get bullied at school. To my untrained eye I seem to have some of the symptoms that I have read about but not other symptoms such as gummy smile or lip incompetence. Does it appear from these photos that I have long face syndrome and is there anything I can do about it at this stage (I'm 27) to fix it?

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Long Face Syndrome or overclosure.

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 I would say that you do not have long face syndrome based on the appearance of your face and your forward head posture.  More likely you have an overclosure or retruded mandible.


I would not be surprised if you have a nasal breathing restriction and a history of nasal allergies.  Do you snore?  The forward head posture is common in patients with sleep apnea or UARS.  What symptoms do you have specificaaly? has excellent information on how  neuromuscular bite problems can cause problems.


Dr Shapira

Long Face Syndrome?

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What you appear to have is known as "retrognathia". You have an under-developed lower jaw. Have a consultation with an orthodontist as to your options. You might even require surgery to advance your mandible (lower jaw).

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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