What steps should be taken if one believes they were injected with black market juvederm plus (silicone)? (Photo)

I believe I was given counterfeit product. I have now learned the price I paid for juvederm plus was much lower than it should've been (325/syringe). I have lumps and facial pain. Hyaluronidase with different dermatologists hasn't helped. After months of trying to get my medical records, I was given a product lot number for the "juvederm" which checked out okay. I believe my records were falsified.

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Counterfeit products

To investigate the authenticity of injectable filler, you can contact Allergan (the company that makes Juvederm), and have them investigate your case. They should have a record of your lot number and the purchaser. The FDA can also investigate these cases, but I think Allergan is a good start.

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Contact Allergan and discuss your concerns with them.

Contact Allergan and discuss your concerns with them. If you received a product that was not Juvederm the clinic will most likely be investigated. 


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