Is it safe to drain laser tattoo removal blisters? (photos)

I have had my first laser tattoo removal session. The next day, the blister was insanely impressive in size. I used a syringe to poke a small hole in it to allow it to drain because the pressure was making my finger immobile. This is day three, and I've just "lanced" it again for the same reason. Is this normal? Will this ever stop filling up like this?

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Tattoo blister question

When answering this, we first need a little
more information including which type of laser was used ? We recommend that you
don't pop or self lance the blisters, as it could  promote scarring .
It would be best to follow up with the provider who did the treatment
and let them drain the blisters if needed , but most often the blisters
will reduce back down in size on their own .

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Laser Tattoo Removal -- Takes a series of treatments -- Blister Treatment

I suggest you speak to your physician this type of reaction is more than anticipated and should be treated with proper skin care.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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