What results should I expect after the first laser hair removal season of bikini area with soprano laser?

I did an underarm test patch with the soprano alma laser and was amazed that after 1 treatment I looked almost hairless! So I went back and my underarms have responded well with hair falling out after a labour 10days. However, the bikini area is t as impressive. The inner area which was a little painful and sensitive during treatment doesn't seem to have helped. Hair appears lighter but hasn't fallen off in that area.

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Alma Soprano Laser Results

Immediately after your first laser hair removal session, hair will be still visible.  Laser targets hair follicle under the skin, and it will take some time for your body to go through a natural process to push dead hair out. Once the dead hair falls out, you will experience a hair-free period  After first treatment, the hair-free period will be brief.  You will experience longer and longer hair-free periods after each subsequent treatments.  

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Results after one laser hair removal

It is way too early to look at results from LHR. Generally, the settings in the bikini area are less than the underarm area, so results take longer to appreciate. Remember it takes about 6 treatments in most people to get results and these are 75% reduction in hair growth. Touch ups are needed every 6 months.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Results after One Laser Hair Removal Treatment

It is too early after laser hair removal to see results. Remember it takes 6-9 sessions of laser treatment to reduce 70%-90% of the hair. This is because not all hair is in its active growth phase. Keep up with your treatments to see best results.

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Bikini laser with soprano

It will work. Where the color of the skin is darker, it might take more sessions. Bikini area does well with most lasers and even with IPL.

Ram Chandra, MD
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