Is my smile ugly? (Photo)

I'm really anal about my teeth. Since they are all similar in length is it unnatural looking? My dentist says I have a nice smile and will length my teeth but that would involve shaving my healthy teeth down to put on the bond or whatever to make the teeth longer. Given my teeth are healthy I don't feel I should do that even though I'd like them to be longer. Advice is welcomed!

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Beautiful Smile

I've learned over the years that only the person looking in the mirrors' opinion is important when evaluating beauty. Its difficult for someone else to judge a smiles beauty, as its such a personal decision. That being said, your smile can be improved with some whitening, 2 veneers, and some re-shaping of your teeth. 

Many people find a smile attractive and youthful when the upper 2 front teeth are a little longer than the teeth next to them. Your teeth appear to go straight across which gives your teeth a more square, masculine look. I would find a skilled cosmetic dentist who can do a trial mock up with composite and show you how increasing the length of your front teeth will make a huge difference. If your pleased with the trial smile, minimal prep porcelain veneers are the best option to permanently lengthen your 2 front teeth. Enamelplasty can painlessly round and reshape the other teeth.

Regardless if you decide on moving forward with treatment, have your dentist make you a night guard to prevent any more damage to your teeth.

Beverly Hills Dentist

Ugly? Teeth

First of all, your teeth are not ugly. My issue with them is that they are flat on the edges which can signify a grinding habit either at night, during the day or both. I think all you need to do is have your teeth reshaped. If you have the lateral teeth (the ones next to your front ones) shortened slightly, and the others rounded on the corners, they would look much better. I would then recommend some type of guard to protect them at night. If you really hated how they looked, the alternative would be veneers, but you would need healthy tooth removed and that would be a shame (as you know). 

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