I HATE my smile!! Help please... (photos)

For my entire life even since I was a little kid I have strongly disliked my smile, I NEVER smile with my mouth open, ever! I never understood what the problem really is, is it crooked? Lopsided? If you notice each side is going in its own direction. I do have braces right now but my smile has ALWAYS been strange so the braces has nothing to do with it can you please help I would LOVE to fix it but I dont even know who to go see or how to even explain whats wrong with it since I dont know myself

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Unhappy with smile! Underdeveloped Maxilla doesn't support facial structures.

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You have an underdeveloped maxilla that doesn't support your lips and cheeks well.  The DNA Appliance can orthopedically grow your maxiila with Epigenetic orthodontics to give you a full wide smile with excellent support of the lips.

Ideally expansion is done before age 8 but the DNA Appiance can accomplish this in adults.

Dr Shapira

Smile issues

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I am so sorry that you dislike your smile so much and do not seem to have a specific vision and a plan to resolve this. Obviously the orthodontics are meant to more ideally align and balance your smile. If you have not been open with your orthodontist hopefully you can be and together looking at your clinical photos specify the goals and outcomes that can be accomplished.

If this still isn't enough for you I would recommend seeing an accomplished cosmetic dentist--look on the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry website and seek out a dentist who is either accredited or a Fellow in the AACD.

Often times they can modify digital photos or actually do a cosmetic preview directly on your teeth to help you visualize improvements and options and decide on a plan of action.

As many have probably already told you you are blessed with beautiful lips and the detractors to your smile look to be moderate and you should be able to get that smile of your dreams--Good luck!

Smile makeover

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I am sorry you feel this way about yourself. You have beautiful facial features such as lips, cheeks and skin. I believe you may have had some lip augmentation, thus it makes your teeth disappear and look small. You simply don't show teeth because your beautiful lips are covering everything. As far as lobsided , I can't tell because the picture doesn't show details and can't be enlarged . I strongly believe that with porcelain veneers you can 
1 straighten your teeth  

2 get a sparkling white smile 

3 lengthen your teeth With some more volume to show off a great smile and 
4 correct any asymmetry . 

Reach out to a highly trained cosmetic dentist.
Best of luck.

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