Is there a way to fix my crooked/misaligned smile? (Photos)

I have a crooked smile. I'm not sure what it is, I think it has to do something with my facial muscles or jaw because I had braces and I have perfectly straight teeth. I hate it and I feel so swlf conscious. Is there any treatment that could correct this?

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Crooked smile, options

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Definitely crooked teeth can be fixed either with further orthodontic treatment or possibly by porcelain veneer.  The best route is to consult a top cosmetic dentist experienced in Anti Aging Dentisty that can look at both teeth and facial impact of your teeth and make recommendations in terms of size, length and width of the arch.


Dr. Maddahi

Correction of crooked smile.

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You had orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth but needed orthopedic treatment to grow your maxilla.  This is easy in children and should usually be done before age seven but by 12 at the latest.

In adults the DNA appliance is usually the best approach.  The underdeveloped maxilla also create unequal forces.  This can be addressed during treatment by craino manipulation by an osteopath or chiropractor who has special training.  Ideally find a doctor who utilizes neuromuscular dentistry and the DNA Appliance therapy.

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