I Have a Soft Lump on my Breast That Feels Like a Water Balloon. Is This my Impant?

I had saline breast implants placed on top of the muscle about two years ago. I have had no problems until recently. About 5 months ago I felt a small lump on my left breast,the outer part. It felt like a water balloon. I assumed it was my implant. Now the lump still feels the same, but it seems bigger and you can see it protruding. It is not painful at all. Am i feeling my implant?

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Lump in the breast.

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First and foremost, you need to have this lump evaluated by your plastic surgeon and possibly a breast surgeon. Although the odds may favor the implant, it is important to rule out any possibility of a true breast tumor. No one on this site will be able to tell you if you are feeling your implant.

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Implant appearance and feel after surgery

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there are several considerations:

  1. this may be the implant
  2. the skin may be thinning
  3. consider moving the implant subpectoral
  4. consider switching to gel
  5. see you doctor

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Breast Implant feeling like a lump

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Most likely the "lump" you feel is your breast implant.  Frequently I see patients that can feel a fold or lump especially out to the side with implants, and more with saline than silicone.  This is much more common when the implants are on top of the muscle than under the muscle.  It is much more common when the patient starts to get a capsular contracture also, as it folds the implant making it feel like a knuckle.  You should go see your plastic surgeon right away though, as you need a physical exam to make sure. 

Dan Mills, MD
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Lump in breast

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More than likley the lump of water you are felling is your saline implant, but without a formal exam I could not say for sure.  Go see your surgeon ot be evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
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I feel a lump on my breast-2 yrs post op breast augmentation

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Please have this 'lump' evaluated immediately. Your doctor will be able to determine whether its your implant or something that needs further investigating. Best wishes, Dr. H

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Breast Implant Feel

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You cannot tell from" your"  physical exam. Your Plastic Surgeon needs to examine these areas for any other issues. The Plastic Surgeon will let you know what needs to be done. Most of these are palpable implants, but a competant Plastic Surgeon will let you know.

Hope this  helps

Dr J


Saline Implants, especially over the muscle, can cause "Water Balloon" Feel

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Hi there-

There is no way to know foe sure without examining you, and so I recommend that you visit your plastic surgeon asap for an exam.

Generally speaking, however, it sounds like you are indeed feeling your breast implant. Saline implants placed over the muscle are very prone to visible wrinkling and the ability to feel the implant. 

I Have a Soft Lump on my Breast That Feels Like a Water Balloon. Is This my Impant?

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This is not the norm. Seek immediate in person evaluation to be safe. You might be close to implant rupture. 


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Saline implants are more likely to become visible and palpable when placed on top of the muscle.  A lot depends on how much breast tissue you have to cover the implant.  This is one of the reason saline implants are more commonly placed under the muscle.  I would advise you to have an appointment with your surgeon to be sure of what you are feeling.

Todd B. Koch, MD
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Saline implants above the muscle

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In my opinion, implants, especially salines, are best under the muscle.  With salines above the muscle, palpable wrinkles, ridges etc can be present especially if you lose weight or breast tissue making the coverage thinner over the implants.  Please visit a plastic surgeon for an exam and for options to treat this including switching to under the muscle and maybe gel too.

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