Sodium Intake After a TT?

I know I am suppose to decrease my salt intake after my tummy tuck surgery to help reduce swelling. How many milligrams of sodium per day is a safe amount? I'm 5'3" 160lb and about one week post op.

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Sodium Intake after tummy tuck

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Sodium intake after surgery does tend to increase fluid retention.  There is no set amount of sodium to intake.  My suggestion is the normal amount in found should be just fine.  The swelling from the tummy tuck will go away over time in a natural way

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Listen to what your body tells you after surgery...

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Although an actual amount would be difficult to calculate, most likely your body will tell you. If you eat something to salty, make note that you have become more swollen. It is very important that you check with your surgeon with any questions that arise concerning your specific situation.


Salt Intake following Tummy Tuck

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Unless you suffer from kidney failure, dropsy or high blood pressure there is no need to modify your sodium intake after a tummy tuck! If you do suffer from any of these ailments, they should have been sorted out well before your surgery was booked.

Swelling is controlled by wearing the appropriate compression garment after the drain has been removed.

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