How do a person hide the fact that they got FUE hair transplants? How long will they need to hide it?

A person is getting FUE hair transplants and they very worried about being found out. What are suggestions or techniques for hiding the new transplants (hats, toupee... )? And how long will it look weird/bad?

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Hiding FUE Hair Transplant

If you can grow your hair long, a lot of times it can cover the shaved donor zone as well as the transplanted zone.  Otherwise you can wear a loose fitting hat about 5 days after your procedure to help cover everything until you are comfortable.

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FUE requires a shave.  But the shaved area and its donor scar is not noticeable after a few days.  See before and after photos of my FUE patient 5 days post op.

Jae Pak, MD
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How long do I have to hide my FUE transplant

In the link below, there is a patient 5 days following an FUE transplant with good pictures. he was at work in 5 days and few noticed anything

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