Smartlipo Touchup Lumps 6 Weeks After, Do I Need Another Touchup or is Something Else Wrong? (photo)

I had a smartlipo touchup done on my stomach around my bellybutton for a small lump I had from the last time, doctor said it was some fibrosis. It is now 6 weeks later and I have lumps beyond what I went in for with the touch up. I have gone for massages and been massaging the area, but it is still lumpy and when I pinch the skin it feels thick, does it just need more time, or is there something else I can do? Thanks

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Smartlipo Touchup Lumps 6 Weeks After, Do I Need Another Touchup or is Something Else Wrong? (photo)

Based upon your posted photo and explanation I recommend waiting 6 months to allow softening of the scar fibrosis. 

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Is the Answer to a Failed SmartLipo Touch Up, ANOTHER Touch Up or Two?

The jury is way out on how effective Smart Lipo is when compared with standard tumescent-baed liposuction. Furthermore despite over 8 years on the US market the science evidence that is reliably, safely and routinely shrinks skin is still to be published from a single independent, non-industry compensated source. 

"Fibrosis" is medicalese for scarring. Liposuction, be it regular Tumescent based, ultrasound assisted / VASER or even power-assisted cannot and do not resolve scarring. It therefore makes no clinical sense to resolve scarring with a tool which uses extreme laser heat to cook fat and thereby CAUSE scarring. 

I would definitely advise you not to do another such touch up. Allow the scr to soften over the next 8-12 months at which time you will see if any further intervention of another kind may be indicated. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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