Is Smart Lipo Ideal for 25 Year Old Tall Person?

I am 25 yrs old, 5'11" and 220lbs. My target or ideal weight is 175lbs. Please advise if Smart Lipo is a smart choice for me. I am trying to get it done for the entire body from a board certified plastic surgeon under general anesthesia. Thank you in advance

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Reach ideal stable weight before surgery

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Smartlipo is not a form of weight loss. It can only remove unwanted fat deposits in areas that did not respond well to diet and exercise. You should reach your ideal stable weight first then consider surgery afterward, as it is safer and will achieve a more satisfying surgical outcome. With patients who lose a lot of weight, a common problem is loose skin. Unfortunately, any form of liposuction will probably not tighten loose skin as much as the patient would like. 

Smart Lipo for a tall 25-year-old

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You are NOT a good candidate for just Smart Lipo. You need Large Volume Liposuction, over 8 to 10 liters. Or 2 operations of liposuction, like the Body Jet Lipo. Go get some evaluations from boarded Plastic Surgeons. 

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