Small Mouth Flat Face?

Would like to know what I can do about my mouth area. I have tiny mouth and lips and deep nasalibial folds. Side view my profile especially around my mouth look flat and unattractive.

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Total Smile Makeover with Dental Treatment and Esthetic Enhancements.

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A total smile makeover should begin with proper records and radiographs in order to get a proper diagnosis.  It is recommended an orthodontic and orthognathic consult be performed first.  If necessary, the skeletal and hard tissues need to be corrected simultaneously with your teeth.  Once that has been completed, it might be a good idea to have an Esthetic Enhancement with Dermal Fillers in conjunction with Botox to be placed in the areas that you mention: your lips, nasiolabial folds and depending on the previous treatment mentioned, some Bio-catalysts might be recommeded along your jawline.  Also, do not forget to have a healthcare practitioner evaluate your neck area as this will make a major difference in your appearance, especially your profile.  I hope you realize we are all trying to give you suggestions and not being critical.  Good luck to you.

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Small mouth flat face?

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Start with a cosmetic work up. This would be a cephometric radiograph to see how balanced your face is according to norms. Is the problem upper and lower teeth to far back or the upper and lower jaw to far back or both. Depending on that information you will be able to determine whether a dental solution or plastic surgery solution or both would be the best course good luck



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