Super Sensitive Tooth After Filling?

Had a filling done on a tooth which was located at the back of my mouth at the top 2 weeks ago. After that it has gotten super sensitive to hot, cold and even room temperature water. However, funnily enough, no problems when biting for chewing. So i went back to the dentist yesterday and he "adjusted it" but problem is still there so i went there again today and he told me the discomfort will go away soon and take some ibuprofen. Does anyone know what is going on? thanks!

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Sensitivity After Having A Filling Placed

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This can happen from time to time with fillings, especially on molars that take excessive chewing forces.  After a bite adjustment it could take a couple of weeks for the tooth to settle down.  If the discomfort continues I would have the dentist take it out and place a sedative filling.  This will tell you whether the nerve is fine or whether it will need a root canal. 

Super Sensitive After Filling

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There was probably some disturbance to the tubules leading to your nerve, thus setting up a highly inflammatory process. Your nerve might survive, or it might succumb and require Root Canal. Take the ibuprofen in the meantime, and perhaps ask him his thoughts on an antibiotic as well, and hope for the best. If pain's not gone in a few more days, consider removing the filling and placing a sedative temporary until it resolves.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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