What is the Best Way to Close my Tooth Gap?

Hello I am 14 years old and I have an annoying gap between my front teeth. It is around 2-3mm wide. My other teeth are perfectly straight but the gap irritates me a lot. What can I best do about it? Thank you, Annabelle

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Composite Bonding!!

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Composite or sometimes called in-office resin bonding is the fastest and most efficient way to close a single gap when youre happy with th rest of your teeth. You're now at an age that you may want to consider teeth whitening before having the bondings done so brighten up your smile and match the bondings to your new nice white smile!

How To Close A "Gap" Between Front Teeth On A 16 Year Old

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Based on your age I would say that your top choices for treatment would be as follows:

1.  Composite bonding.  This will look better than what you have now, but probably not perfect. It is a conservative way to treat at your age, then consider veneers in about 10 years. 

2. Invisalign.  You may be a candidate for this and the results should be acceptable. 

3.  Porcelain veneers.  This would give you the most aesthetic result, but may be a little agressive at your age.  Your nerves are still very large in those teeth and at your age and you may have some sensitivity following the procedure. 

I would see a cosmetic denitst and allow them to go over your options in person.  Good luck.  

3 of the best ways to close a central diastema (the front tooth gap)

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There are a number of ways to close the gap you describe between your front teeth. Because of your young age, this space happens for a number of reasons including some genetic factors and often there is a low labial frenum (gum ligament under your upper lip) attachment which you should have your dentist check as it is simple to correct and will minimize relapse or worsening of the diastema space. Here are three of the most common treatments:
1. Invisalign. Using invisible aligners is the least invasive and very effective way to close the space. It also leaves your natural teeth essentially untouched when you finish.

2. Composite Bonding. A simple way of adding tooth colored filling material is often a quick fix but inexperienced cosmetic dentists can leave you with two large front teeth that are not proportional if the space is larger than 1-2 mm. Larger than 2 mm requires adding to adjacent teeth to create "golden proportion."

3. Porcelain Veneers. These remain the gold standard for cosmetic dentistry. The most natural and aesthetic result from veneers is also the most costly.

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Annabella's Front Teeth

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Hi Annabella...I would suggest you have your dentist use a composite bonding material to close the gap between your front teeth.  It is not always the best solution because bonding is not as  strong as a crown or veneer. You are young and I would use the least invasive procedure, which is bonding, to close the gap and keep your natural teeth as long as possible. Once you do crowns or veneers, there is no going back!  Good luck Annabella and take good care of those teeth!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Close a Front Tooth Gap in 14yo

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At your age, and with your description of the situation, you would do best with some very conservative cosmetic "additive" bonding on your front 2 teeth. This will totally preserve your enamel for any future porcelain laminate work that you might consider as an adult.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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