Small holes on the roof of my mouth?

sir i have sinus and from 15 days i found that i have two small holes on the roof of my mouth, exactly between the soft palata and hard palata and i have no pain or any type of problem and there is no air or liquid passing from that hole. recently i showed this problem to my ent and he says that it is nothing but the holes are still there. please help me and sorry for my bad english.

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Noncommunicating depressions in the palate are nothing to worry about.

Since your ENT looked at the roof of your mouth and said he did not see a passageway to your nose, and they are not symptomatic, they were probably there before surgery and not noticed. Nasal surgery of the septum can sometimes cause a burned or numb sensation of your front four upper teeth or the area just in back of them which will resolve a few weeks after surgery. There are depressions for nerves and vessels in this area and the bone can also be elevated making the holes look larger. If you ignore them they will probably not bother your. Have your surgeon look at them again the next time you see him or her.

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You may be seeing the Palatine Foramina

It is impossible to diagnose you from a far, and without photos, but it is possible that you are noticing the Greater and/or Lesser palatine foramina.  These are normal "holes" on either side of the palate at the junction between the hard and soft palate that transmit the Greater and Lesser Palatine nerves.  It is possible that after sinus surgery, you are just more observant, and you have noticed these normal structures.  The best person to evaluate you in person is your ENT doctor.

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