Will sinus surgery help with the chronic inflammation and puffiness I have under eyes?

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Sinus surgery will help with eye puffiness from sinus inflammation

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There are several reasons for eye puffiness. These include maxillary sinus inflammation, allergies to the environment, congenital puffiness you may have noticed as eye puffiness from one of your parents, or fat that tends to become more prominent as we age. If you don't have sinus infections then it is one of the latter causes. Some patients will also have puffiness just from excess fluid in the pockets under the eyes. Your facial plastic surgeon is generally also board certified in otolaryngology and should be able to distinguish between the causes. If you think it may be fat, look in a mirror at your lower eyelid as you move your chin down. Fat will bulge outward giving you your answer. You may also have multiple of the above causes for eye puffiness.

Sinusitis and puffy eyes

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  1. Eye puffiness can be from multiple causes including thyroid disorders and age however a chronic problem with nasal congestion and sinus drainage can lead to difficulty with the lymphatic drainage around the eyes. This can lead to puffiness of the eyes. Medical treatment of any underlying allergies can help reduce puffiness. Sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty can help reduce puffiness around the eyes if the cause of the puffiness is related to sinus inflammation. 

Lisa Liberatore, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

Eye puffiness and sinusitis

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The lid swelling may improve particularly if there is chronic maxillary sinusitis. If you have allergy affecting your eyes then the surgery may not and emphasis on allergy management is paramount. If the lower lid swelling is from herniation of the lower lid fat pads then lower lid surgery is required. One way to tell is to look into a mirror while your eyes are looking upward. If the lid fullness worsens then the fat pads are a factor. 

Mark Loury, MD, FACS
Fort Collins Facial Plastic Surgeon

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