Small Hematoma That Won't Go Away 6 Months Post-op

About 2 months post op, I discovered a hard lump ( size & shape of a roll of quarters) in my upper left abdominal quadrant . Its been drained three times and won't go away. Surgeon suggests wearing tight band to help the body reabsorb but it's still there. It's already feeling tender & swollen again and I'm feeling like draining it is not the option. My HMO doesn't want to help because I went to a private PS and my PS only wants to drain it.. Drained fluid is dark burgundy each time.

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Hematoma drainage

If you have a hematoma, and not a seroma, conservative management should ultimately result in the mass dissipating, although this can take many months. Removal of the mass can be undertaken, as Dr. Pousti notes, but it is more than a minor procedure and should involve postoperatively drainage. Discuss this further with your plastic surgeon and also don't hesitate to inquire whether your HMO will cover a procedure performed by an in-network doctor to alleviate this condition.

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Hematoma after Tummy Tuck?

Sorry to hear about the competition you have experienced.

Given that you are 6 months out of surgery, it may be that a more aggressive approach should be considered;  evacuation of the hematoma  and any associated scar tissue(capsule)  surrounding it and closure over drains  may be indicated. Because of the hematoma's location,  this is not a “minor” procedure;  it becomes a judgment call best made by the plastic surgeon who knows you best.

Best wishes.

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