Is This Skin Necrosis? TT 8 Days Ago. (photo)

Hi I had a tummy tuck 8 days ago, I just looked at my scar and I am worries this looks like the beginning of skin necrosis? I am so scared and upset...My lower stomach is still so numb is that normal..? I have attached the photos. Thank you.

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Mild Skin Necrosis after Tummy Tuck

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It appears that you have mild skin necrosis after your tummy tuck.   This could very well be superficial enough to not affect the overall scar appearance.   Close followup with your plastic surgeon is necessary, along with conservative measures to minimize scar tension and irritation.


I wish you a safe recovery and wonderful result!!


Dr. Gill

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Minor Issues

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There may be a small amount of necrosis. It most likely will very minimal.  Continue close follow up with your PS.  It is common to have numbness of the abdominal skin.  This will improve with time.

Dr. ES

Is This Skin Necrosis? TT 8 Days Ago.

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Great posted post TT photos. Yes you have MINOR skin edge necrosis. See your chosen surgeon ASAP for care. 

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Skin necrosis after abdominoplasty

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Thanks for your question.  I believe your wound is healing well overall, the small dark areas either represent a little bruise in the skin or some decreased blood flow in those spots. Please keep seeing your plastic surgeon regularly. 

Not to worry

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It appears that a small area around the incision has decreased blood flow.  This can happen in some patients.  However, it looks small enough so that if there is skin necrosis, it will be minor and will still heal up relatively quickly.  But, to me, it does not appear that it will result in skin necrosis from the photos. Consult your plastic surgeon and he or she will guide you through this.  Make sure also that you get plenty of rest and allow your body to recover.  Also, avoid nicotine.  Smoking and even second hand smoke can cause decreased blood flow leading to skin necrosis.  Also, taking tension off of the area by staying slightly flexed at the hip.  This can help to reduce tension around the area and may help with healing.

Richard H. Lee, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Is This Skin Necrosis?

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If it is, it is quite minor, unlikely to require any treatment. you may wind up with a thin scab, but alteration in expected results. Check in with your surgeon, and follow the advice you get. Areas with "threatened" skin ischemia (insufficient blood flow) do best in a moist environment, and using antibiotic ointment or medicated gauze is helpful in preventing further injury.

Numbness is the rule, and it lasts for months.

Keep in close touch with your surgeon. Your doc can offer realistic reassurance that in more valuable than what we can offer over the web!

Thanks for your question and for the photos. Best wishes

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon


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It appears that way and is minor. Do not worry unnecessarily and follow up with your plastic surgeon

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