Will Skin Fill Back In My Cheeks After Weight Loss?

I am 19 yr and 5'8". so at my max I weighed about 185 lbs. Over about a year I got down to 125. I noticed something was wrong, I have loose skin. I have gained 20(bout 145) lbs back and am looking to gain more. As a baby and up until i lost the weight, I had very chubby cheeks(pinch worthy). So, if I gain more weight/fat will my cheeks fill in? And how much more fat/weight should I need to add on to fully regain my once awesome chubby cheeks. Also, at around 140-150lbs I had some loose skin.

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Will Skin Fill Back In My Cheeks After Weight Loss

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Some fullness will return, so once you settle on a good ideal weight that fits your lifestyle, you can consider injectable fillers if you're deficient in any areas

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Weight loss affects all areas of the body - face included

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Regaining weight for the sole purpose of getting your cheeks back may not be the healthiest choice. Your skin has a certain level of elasticity which can be affected by many factors. If it is loose skin that is the issue, it could be only a matter of time before things firm themselves up. Or it could be there is enough volume loss that only more fat or fillers could make up that loss.

You will notice more fullness in your cheeks as you regain weight, but being overweight for the sake of pinchable cheeks?

If your ideal weight range still causes you to have less cheek fullness than you want, you can always augment with filler or even a fat transfer. 


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Weight loss and loose cheek skin.

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Losing weight to obtain your ideal body weight should be your primary goal. Unfortunately, sometimes one loses weight in areas such as the face which can adversely affect one's appearance by creating a more 'gaunt' or aged appearance. Rather than gain weight back, I would recommend investigating the possibility of adding facial fillers, fat transfer or even cheek implants depending upon your unique situation and preferences.  Best of Luck  Dr Harell

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