Can Silicone Cheek Implants Cause Pain Above the Ear at the Level of the Eye?

I am 10 years post cheek implant and the area above and forward of the ear at eye level is a trigger for migraine pain. Should I consider having the silicone cheek implants removed?

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Can Silicone Cheek Implants Cause Pain Above the Ear at the Level of the Eye?

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 I have performed many Cheek Augmentations using Cheek Implants for over 20 years and exclusively use silastic implants.  You seem to be referring to the area of the zygomatic arch and lower temple however, cheek implants are not typically placed in that region.  

 There is a major branch of the facial nerve that crosses the zygomatic arch but unless you can feel the edge of your cheek implant close to that region, the nerve is most likely not engaged.  Moreover, motor nerves, like the facial nerve don't trigger headaches.  There is a branch of the trigeminal nerve called the infraorbital nerve that's just below the eyesocket along an imaginary vertical line drawn through the middle of the pupil.  If the cheek Implant is pressing on that sensory nerve may trigger trigeminal neuralgia headaches.  You would also experience some numbness of the upper lip.  The exact position of the cheek implant could, most likely, be determined during examination of the cheek implants by an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon.  The implants could be removed at any time which is the beauty of silastic implants, IMO.

Cheek Implants Are Not The Cause Of Temporal Migraines

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The location of cheek implants would not be a trigger for temporal migraines. Temporal migraines have very well defined trigger points from the zygomaticotemporal nerve and sometimes the auriculotemporal nerve as well. These are nerves that cross into and through the temporalis muscle and I believe this is where you describing the trigger points. They have nothing to do with your cheek implants. These triggers areas should be first treated with Botox to determine if you get improvement. If so, you should then consider surgical decompression of these nerves for more permanent migraine relief 

Pain above Ears 10 Years after Silicone Cheek Implants

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It is very unlikely that silicone cheek implants start to cause pain above your ears 10 years after placement. My first concern would be a temporomandibular joint malfunction. See a physician or oral surgeon who deals with these problems.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek Implants

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Very difficult to say whether your cheek implants have anything to do with your pain. It sounds like you have temporal migraines. However, if you had your implants for 10 years already and never had any pain prior, it's probably not related. If the implants migrated and are pushing on a nerve then that could be the cause.

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