Cheek Implant Infection, Could This be the Cause of My Toothache?

is drainage from a infected cheek implant bad for the teeth? im experiancing a toothache near the site of the incision on my back tooth and dont know if its just a coincedence?

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Cheek Implant Infection, Could This be the Cause of My Toothache?

I have performed many Cheek Augmentations with Cheek Implants and IMHO, it's more likely the other way around.  Infections in the tooth can lead to cheek implant infections.  Yoiu should have an XRAY of the tooth and proper dental care ASAP to rule this out as the source of the infection.

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Infected Cheek Implants Cause Tooth Pain

This is no coincidence at all. While an infected cheek implant will not cause a tooth problem or infection, it will make it feel like one. Similar to that of a maxillary sinus problem, infection and swelling of a cheek implant puts pressure on the bone over the maxillary sinus. This causes referred pain to the upper molar teeth whose roots actually protrude into the sinus cavity and are fed by nerves that also supply the feeling to the bone. Removing the infected cheek implant is the solution to this type of 'toothache'.

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