I had silicone butt injections 5 years ago. Silicone Buttock Injections Be Removed?

 I have heard of one girl I knew years ago that got “Biogel” in Columbia, and had problems within a month. When she got back in the US, they say she had it “scraped out.” Is that what they do, “scrape” it out?

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Reducing silicone complications in the buttocks

Silicone buttock injections are difficult to remove but there are options to reduce complications associated with silicone injections to the buttocks.  Discuss these with your surgeon. 

To date, I have had good responses after removal of silicone from the lips and parts of the face.  Treatment is difficult and should be combined with multimodality therapy.  I have developed a specific protocol for silicone lip removal that i currently use in my Los Angeles plastic surgery practice. 

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Silicone in buttocks

It is almost impossible to remove free silicone injections from the buttocks. Usually the silicone is injected in multiple tissue planes and it is almost microscopic.  Areas of hardness can be removed in sections but may leave indentations and bad scarring.

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