Silicone Injections Buttocks

I have butt injection for 11 years. I did it because I was seeking to have them big. I never did a research or even trying to find out. Should I be concerned in the future?

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L-o-l-a Lola

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Many woman who receive silicone injections into their buttocks do so without realizing or researching the complications.  If you have not had any complications as of yet, then don't worry and keep your fingers crossed that things will remain that way.  Good luck!

Buttock augmentation

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The preferred material for augmenting the buttock area is the patient's own fat. This is known as a fat transfer, where the fat is harvested from the abdomen, back or thigh area, then treate/strained, then re-injected into the desired area (buttocks). The fat is safe, from the patient, and does not have the concerns that silicone injections can have(excess scarring, infection). Another option is a solid silicone buttock implant, however, these can shift, migrate, become infected, or develop hard scar tissue surrounding them.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in buttock augmentation prior to scheduling this procedure.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno

William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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It is too late to worry.

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You may very well be fine and have no problems ever.  On the other hand, you may someday experience some problem that we can't predict.  The silicone can't be removed easily, and most likely completely.  I would recommend that you keep an eye on it, but don't worry over things you can't control.


Silicone injections for Brazilian Butt Lift

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Many variations of a butt lift have been documented in the literature, including implants, direct silicone injections, sculptra, temporary collagen fillers, and fat augmentation. Most permanent fillers and implants have higher risks of complications including nodularity, bumps, lumps, infection, and extrusion.

Management of silicone injections is difficult but should be expectant. At this time, you should focus on conservative management with observation unless discrete nodularity, infection, or extrusion occurs.

I have found these silicone injections to be difficult, but possible to debulk.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Never Get Free Silicone Injections

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While it initially adds volume, over time free liquid silicone injections creates an inflammatory reaction and can cause tissue hardening, skin ulceration, pain, and granulomas – little pockets of inflammation – which will then distort the tissue.

Buttock or breast enlargement can be done with silicone implants, from your own fat, or with illegal foreign substances, such as free silicone. It is the injection of foreign substances that is the most worrisome, causing irreversible damage. The bottom line - If you are interested in adding volume, make sure you consult with an appropriately licensed practitioner who offers FDA-approved products. This may save you from irreversible damage.

Neil Tanna, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Buttocks Silicone Injections

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Liquid silicone is unsafe, please do not use it ever. The autoimmune response could be triggered by this substance, if you look around on the Internet, you will find patients that have a lot of problems with this product. The use for lips and other areas is off label. 

About your question, injections of this type of substances may present local or systemic complications (throughout the body) up to 60 years after application. My personal orientation: avoid impacts, healthy nutrition, be alert to the appearance of A.S.I.A Syndrome. My particular point of view is to perform surgery before symptoms appear, as soon as possible.

Please remember to be aware, do not let any permanenrt filler to be injected into your face, breast, buttocks, calfs, genitalia, etc. The safest way to increase buttocks is through your own fat injections or through silicone implants.

I hope the information was usefull, have a nice day! Dr Carlos Rios.

Silicone butt injection

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Silicone injections in various parts of the body has been done quite frequently all over the country.  The difficulty with silicone injections begins with the quality of the silicone itself.  I have seen many cases where industrial grade silicone has been injected inside the human body.  This can be a tremendous disaster.  Problems can include infections, granulomas, cellulitis, and persistent skin infections, disfigurement and skin dimpling.  It is very easy to have silicone injected, but very difficult to have it removed.  The removal can frequently be very complex and involved lengthy surgery. Multiple operation is not uncommon.   It is not uncommon to expect scars in locations that would otherwise be undesirable.  If you do have silicone, or are having problem with silicone that was injected by a non-healthcare provider then you should certainly seek medical attention.  Some solutions include IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics and surgery after the inflammation has subsided.  Removing the silicone is not just a cosmetic issue but also an issue of better health.  Depending on the type of silicone injected concerns with autoimmune diseases and infections are foremost.  Taking medications such as ibuprofen or cortisone is only a temporary measure.  The real solution is surgery.  Not all plastic surgeons are willing to operate on patients who have had silicone injected in their body.  Many of these cases are not covered by insurance because they were performed for cosmetic reasons.  My recommendation to anyone that has had silicone injections and wishes to have it removed, is to seek a board certified plastic surgeon who is likely willing to do more than 1 operation as well as willing to do some of these operations in a hospital setting. I have had patients visit me for removal of silicone and the discussion to proceed is never an easy one.

Silicone injections = no no

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YES! Fat injections with liquid silicone is usually done in other countries and not done by board certified plastic surgeons in the US. These injections are not approved by the FDA and it is known that this may cause infection, excess of scarring and deformity in the buttocks.

Jaime Perez, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Butt injections with silicone

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Patients who have received silicone injections for butt augmentation are very high risk for complications and problems. Many times the complications don't occur right away. This unfortunately is something that we commonly see here in South Florida. Many patients receive these procedures not knowing the many problems that await them. Silicone in this area can become very hard, can become encapsulated with scar tissue causing a great deal of pain, or can finally worked its way through the tissue and skin and began to leak during.

It is good to hear that these things have not happened to you. I would suggest that you keep a very close eye on your butt area and if you notice an increase in firmness or pain or if Kerry becomes red or warm to see a physician immediately to rule out a possible infection. Best of luck with this difficult problem.

Silicone Injection, not good

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As stated above, there is not much you can do at this point, and usually not much can really be done if issues arise. We can certainly try to remove the silicone, but that is a very non rewarding task and usually there are a lot left behind.

So hold tight and just relax as you cant do anything about it, you be the lucky ones and be ok with it.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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